Need A Professional Acquisition & Merger Training Course?

Many organisations task senior executives with speeding up the growth of their business by acquiring companies that fit their strategic objectives, but directors and managers with limited M&A experience can find it difficult to identify the right targets, and all too easy to make expensive mistakes.

Professional Acquisition & Merger Training Course

The Merger Training Institute’s Core M&A Skills Training course is designed to introduce directors and managers to the knowledge and skills they will need to effectively execute acquisition and mergers that add to shareholder value.

Why Is an Acquisition & Merger Training Course Essential?

In most companies, detailed involvement in the M&A process is restricted to a relatively small pool of senior managers and professionals. Many managers will have touched on parts of the M&A process, perhaps involvement in a due diligence team or a post-merger integration, but mergers and acquisitions training to understand the whole process is essential if M&A is to become an important part of your job responsibilities.

In some large corporations mergers and acquisitions activity is a separate fully resourced central business process, but in many other companies, M&A activity is driven by commercial and financial managers in operating divisions and subsidiaries. Managers thrown into M&A activity without mergers and acquisition training will find themselves in an initially confusing world of specialist terminology and unfamiliar new challenges:

• How do we generate deals with the kind of companies we want to buy, rather than relying on targets brought to us by investments banks and brokers?

• What is the strategic value? Can it be calculated or is it a commercial judgment?

• How do deal makers decide on the multiples appropriate to a transaction? Multiples of what?

• What is the difference between an asset sale and a share sale? What differences does it make?

• How do we make sure pre-deal targets are realistic AND delivered post-acquisition?

It is possible to learn M&A terminology and best practice on the job, but it is a steep learning curve, and mistakes are costly. The Merger Training Institute’s suite of independently certified mergers and acquisitions training courses are designed to help managers short-circuit the learning process and generate deals that add to shareholder value.

Why choose M&A training from The Merger Training Institute?

The Merger Training Institute’s focus is on delivering practical mergers and acquisitions training courses designed specifically for executives in large, multinational corporations. All our tutors have hands-on experience originating, valuing, structuring and delivering value enhancing M&A transactions in corporate or private equity environments.

Since 2004 we have delivered high-quality mergers and acquisitions teaching at our public training courses in London, Dubai and Singapore to some of the world’s largest corporations. If you are looking for specialist training for key members of staff, or have large numbers of people to train, why not explore the possibility of an in-house mergers and acquisitions training course at your own premises?

Acquisition & Merger Training Courses by The Merger Training Institute

The Merger Training Institute offers professional courses that cover the following areas:

•M&A Core Skills Programme – A three day programme teaching all the skills necessary to execute successful M&A transactions in a corporate environment.

•M&A Due Diligence Training Course – A two day course teaching a modern approach to due diligence that integrates commercial and financial analysis to minimise the risk

•Business Valuation Training Course – A two day course teaching the main methods used to value companies and how to apply them to M&A transactions

•Post-Merger Integration Training Course – A two day course teaching the fundamentals of successful post-merger integration in a corporate environment

For more information about our professional merger training courses, please do not hesitate to contact us


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