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M&A Training Course

The Core Mergers and Acquisitions Skills programme (M&A training course) is a three day programme that teaches all the commercial and technical skills you will need to confidently lead or support a successful M&A transaction.  The course is available in both webinar and face to face formats.

Guided by our expert tutors you move through the M&A process from strategy and deal origination to valuation, due diligence, deal structuring, contract negotiation. and post-merger integration.

The course is designed for established executives in the flow of their careers with a strong emphasis on the practical rather than the theoretical.  Each section of the course provides tools and approaches that you can be taken back to your company and put straight into action.

Our tutors have hands-on experience gained as part of management teams making successful acquisitions and the course is rich with case studies and real-world examples based on their practical mergers and acquisitions experience.

This course is independently accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Association to provide hours or points that can be applied to the CPD requirements of professional bodies.

Our procedures to help keep you COVID 19 safe are outlined at the foot of this page.

Level: Entry level to Intermediate
CPD: 21 CPD hours


Delegates learn how to:

  • Align mergers and acquisitions activity with commercial and financial strategy;
  • Research targets, get meetings and turn prospects into profitable deals;
  • Prepare realistic valuations, calculate deal returns and avoid the temptation to overpay;
  • Apply effective negotiation strategies;
  • Structure deals to achieve protective legal and payment structures;
  • Run high quality, multi-disciplinary due diligence processes that focus on the key risks and objectively assess the potential for synergies;
  • Set up and run an effective post-merger integration project that fully delivers the expected synergies.




For the duration of the COVID 19 emergency our Core Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Skills training course will also be available as a webinar. This is an established and proven approach for The Merger Training Institute.

Delivering courses by webinar allows for flexibility of dates and format. Subject to tutor availability it may be possible to schedule an M&A training course for small groups, or even individuals, on dates of your choosing.


Module 1:

Linking M&A to Strategy

Module 4:

Due Diligence

  • Linking M&A activity to corporate strategy;
  • Why M&A as a growth strategy?
  • Evaluating M&A against other approaches to growth;
  • Developing acquisition criteria from corporate strategy;
  • Analysing different vectors for expansion by M&A.
  • Organising & managing a due diligence team;
  • Focusing due diligence resources on key risks;
  • Key issues in financial & commercial due diligence;
  • Key issues in operational & regulatory due diligence;
  • Evaluating and managing post-merger integration risk.
Module 2:

Deal Origination

Module 5:

Contract Negotiation & Deal Structure

  • Organising for M&A activity;
  • Researching potential targets;
  • Qualifying & prioritising targets;
  • Effective approaches to sourcing deals;
  • How to make an approach to a potential target;
  • Types of transaction process & their implications.
  • Contents & purpose of the Sale Agreement;
  • Contents & purpose of the Purchase Agreement;
  • Understanding the implications of asset deals;
  • Understanding the implications of share deals;
  • Key issues in Supply Agreements;
  • Key issues in Group Service Agreements.
Module 3:

Business Valuation & Business Case

Module 6:

Post Merger Integration

  • Business valuation by multiples;
  • Business valuation by DCF;
  • Calculating strategic deal value;
  • Qualitative impacts on valuation and offer price;
  • Using payment strategies & deal structures to bridge valuation gaps;
  • Contents of an effective M&A business case.
  • Why do some integrations fail?;
  • Setting up & controlling an effective integration project;
  • Key issues in people selection due diligence;
  • Key issues in cultural due diligence;
  • Customer, channel & pricing issues when merging sales operations;
  • Delivering operational synergies.



Typical participants are executives and professionals at large corporations either already involved or likely to become involved with M&A transactions:

  • From a wide range of rolls including general management, business development, strategy, marketing, finance, human resources, operations and legal.
  • From a wide range of industries, commerce and the professions;
  • From all over the world – most courses involve students from multiple countries.




Webinars:    September 7-9, 2022 / December 12-14, 2022

London (In-person):  July 25-27, 2022 / September 28-30, 2022 / November 28-30, 2022

Dubai (In-person):   July 18-20, 2022 / October 24-26, 2022

Singapore (In-person):  June 29 – July 1, 2022 / October 19-21, 2022


Webinar: £1600 plus VAT (20%)
Note: Participants located outside the United Kingdom do not pay VAT for webinars.

London (In-person): £2000 plus VAT (20%)
Note: Participants from outside the United Kingdom can reclaim VAT for in-person courses.

Dubai (In-person): US$3000

Singapore (In-person): US$3000


London: Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, central London
Dubai: Hyatt Regency, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Singapore: Grand Hyatt Singapore, Singapore


COVID 19 Procedures

At the present time only courses at our London base, The Institute of Directors (IOD), are available in a face to face format. We have worked with the IOD and the Continuing Professional Development Association on procedures to help keep the training rooms and public facilities COVID 19 safe.

You can find a detailed explanation of our COVID 19 precautions by following the link below:



“The personal credibility of the tutor was crucial to the course. It is obvious he is very experienced indeed in M&A activities and this brings real relevance to the training. His ‘war stories’ bought the training alive.”
VP Strategic Development, Ericsson

“The training was very useful and informative. The course covered theory with practice. We had chances to discuss and ask the particular questions during the course which made it quite flexible.”
Business Development Manager, ABB Turbo Systems

“An excellent course. Just what I needed to get me started in this new area of expertise. The practical examples and a host of useful tools to use in future deals, plus the obvious real world experience of the tutor, were especially impressive.”
Commercial Manager, Dong Energy


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