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M&A Due Diligence Training Course

The M&A Due Diligence Training Course is a two day programme that teaches a modern, focused approach to running an M&A due diligence process.  The course is available in both face to face and webinar formats.

Participants are given a solid grounding in the techniques used by some of the world’s most successful companies to assess risks, evaluate synergies and confirm the strategic fit of an M&A target. The course is designed specifically for executives involved in corporate M&A.

Guided by our expert tutors you move from the assessment of risks and benefits in the initial valuation, through setting up and running an M&A due diligence team and on to investigating risk, confirming synergies and planning for post-merger integration. You will also learn how and when to revisit the initial offer price, and how to design protective deal and payment structures that mitigate M&A risk.

Participants learn the central role of due diligence in the M&A process and the key issues likely to arise in each business function. You will learn an effective approach to identifying risks and opportunities and how to focus resources on the most critical aspects of an M&A transaction. The risks inherent in cross-border M&A transactions are fully explored.

The course is designed for established executives in the flow of their careers with a strong emphasis on the practical rather than the theoretical. Each section of the course provides tools, templates and techniques that can taken back to your company and immediately applied to M&A due diligence projects.

Our tutors have hands-on experience delivering large and smaller scale M&A projects inside multinational corporations. This means the course is rich with real-world illustrations and case studies taken from their own M&A due diligence experience.

Our procedures to help keep you COVID 19 safe are outlined at the foot of the page.

This course is independently accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Association to provide hours or points that can be applied to the CPD requirements of professional bodies.

Level: Intermediate to advanced level
CPD: 14 CPD hours


Participants learn how to:

    • Recognise the most common risks and opportunities in each of the main functional areas;
    • Focus M&A due diligence resources on the most critical areas;
    • Set up, run and control the costs of a multi-disciplinary M&A due diligence team;
    • Build robust, expert-driven projections of synergies and change costs;
    • Incorporate due diligence findings into valuation models and seller negotiations;
    • Create challenge in the M&A due diligence process to avoid the risk of confirmation bias;
    • Use deal structure, legal protections and payment terms to manage critical risks identified in due diligence.




For the duration of the COVID 19 emergency our Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence training course also be available as a webinar. This is an established and proven approach for The Merger Training Institute.

Delivering courses by webinar allows for flexibility of dates. Subject to tutor availability it may be possible to schedule a due diligence training course for small groups, or even individuals, on dates of your choosing.



Module 1:

The M&A Process

Module 3 (continued):

Due Diligence Streams

  • M&A strategy and due diligence needs;
  • Transaction types and the due diligence process;
  • Due diligence and business case development;
  • Due diligence inputs to business valuation;
  • Challenge in the M&A process.
  • Legal and intellectual property.
  • Financial:
    • Reviewing historic financial statements;
    • Asset and liabilities review;
    • Synergy and forecast reviews.
Module 2:

The Due Diligence Process

Module 3 (continued):

Due Diligence Streams

  • Setting up and running a due diligence team;
  • Required due diligence team skill sets;
  • Cost effective use of external advisors;
  • Focusing on the critical risks and opportunities;
  • Operations:
    • Core operations issues;
    • Benchmarking operations;
    • Regulatory reviews.
  • Information technology.
Module 3:

Due Diligence Streams

Module 6:

Managing M&A Risk

  • Commercial:
    • Analysing the market opportunity;
    • Competitor analysis.
  • Human Resources:
    • Management evaluation;
    • Core HR Issues;
    • Assessing corporate culture.
  • Post-Merger Integration Risk:
    • Deciding levels of integration;
    • Transitional service arrangements;
    • Forecasting change costs.
  • Legal contract protections;
  • Protective payment structures;
  • Eliminating risk through deal structure.



Typical participants are executives and managers either about to be involved in an M&A due diligence or seeking an understanding of best practice:

  • From a wide range of roles including general management, finance, business development, Strategy, IT, human resources and legal.
  • From a wide range of industries, commerce and the professions;
  • From all over the world – most courses involve students from multiple countries.




Webinar:   June 27-28, 2022 / September 12-13, 2022 / November 14-15, 2022 / December 19-20, 2022

London (In-person):   July 7-8, 2022 / September 5-6, 2022 / October 10-11, 2022 / November 7-8, 2022 / December 5-6, 2022

Dubai (in-person): To be confirmed
Singapore (In-person): To be confirmed


Webinar: £1200 plus VAT (20%).
Note: Participants located outside the United Kingdom do not pay VAT on webinars.

London (In-person): £1500 plus VAT (20%)
Note: Participants from outside the United Kingdom can reclaim VAT on in-person courses.

Dubai (In-person): $2250
Singapore (In-person): $2250


London: Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, central London



COVID 19 Procedures

At the present time only courses at our London base, The Institute of Directors (IOD), are available in a face to face format. We have worked with the IOD and the Continuing Professional Development Association on procedures to help keep the training rooms and public facilities COVID 19 safe.

You can find a detailed explanation of our COVID 19 precautions by following the link below:



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