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Does Your Business Need Post-Merger Integration Training?

Why Your Business Needs Post-Merger Integration Training

Delivering a successful post-merger integration can be one of the most challenging projects of an executive’s career.   Demanding revenue growth and cost reduction targets are typically built into the business case for an acquisition.  Targets that would be a challenge to meet within a single company, but the challenges are magnified when two different companies, often spanning multiple countries, are brought together.

The Merger Training Institute’s Successful Post-Merger Integration training course is designed to teach directors and managers the skills they will need to execute an effective post-merger integration that meets or better still exceeds the pre-acquisition business case.



Why Is A Post-Merger Integration Training Course Essential?

Post-merger integration is the delivery phase of the mergers and acquisitions process.  The phase in which a deal should start to make money in contrast to the heavy expenditures on due diligence and legal costs in the acquisition process.  Too many companies make expensive integration mistakes by paying insufficient attention to the employee skills and business processes that are essential to deliver an M&A integration. Too often this means they fail to deliver the expected benefits.

Post-merger integration of two separate organisations throws up different challenges than a business change or cost-reduction project inside a single company.  It is essential that the members and leaders of a post-merger integration project receive specialist post-merger integration training to fully understand the special challenges of post-merger integration, and learn how to apply techniques developed by the world’s best companies to deliver value from their acquisitions.


What Is Taught At The Merger Training Institute’s Successful Post-Merger Integration Training Course?

Delegates to the Successful Post Merger Integration training course are taught a proven, best practice approach to running a controlled post-merger integration process that delivers expected synergies while minimising operational risk.  This post-merger integration training course provides a solid grounding in the techniques used by some of the world’s most successful companies to deliver value from their acquisition programmes. Delegates are provided with templates and processes that can be taken back to their business and used to give an immediate professional edge to post-merger integration activity.

The Successful Post-Merger Integration training course explores and provides solutions to the most challenging issues faced in any post-acquisition integration:

  • Making sure the business vision and targets developed by the pre-deal acquisition team are delivered in the integration phase;
  • Deciding the most appropriate level of integration;
  • Establishing control over the integration process and managing risk;
  • Keeping the integration team and the combined management team focused on the delivery of synergies;
  • Avoiding post-integration of management style and organisational culture;
  • Realistic objectives for the crucial first 100 days.

Why Choose Post-Merger Integration Training from The Merger Training Institute?

The Merger Training Institute focuses on delivering practical post-merger integration training courses designed specifically for executives in large, multinational corporations.  All our tutors have hands-on experience delivering value enhancing integrations in corporate or private equity environments.

Since 2004 we have delivered high quality post-merger integration teaching at our public training courses in London, Dubai and Singapore to some of the world’s largest corporations.

If you are looking for specialist training for key members of staff, or have large numbers of people to train, why not explore the possibility of an in-house post-merger integration training course at your own premises?  An in-house course can be organised in a workshop format that facilitates planning for a specific project or the broader development of an in-house integration capability.


Mergers and Acquisitions Training Courses by The Merger Training Institute

The Merger Training Institute offer professional courses that cover the following areas:

  • M&A Core Skills Programme – A three-day programme teaching all the skills necessary to execute successful M&A transactions in a corporate environment.


  • M&A Due Diligence Training Course – A two-day course teaching a modern approach to due diligence that integrates commercial and financial analysis to minimise risk.


  • Business Valuation Training Course – A two-day course teaching the main methods used to value companies and how to apply them to M&A transactions.
  • Post-Merger Integration Training Course – A two-day course teaching the fundamentals of successful post-merger integration in a corporate environment.


For more information about our professional merger training courses, please do not hesitate to contact us.






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