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Acquire The Skills To Drive Growth Through M&A

Acquire the Skills to Drive Growth Through Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are a strategic tool used by many companies to achieve scale and expand capabilities.  Done well targeted acquisitions can deliver growth in a fraction of the time it would take to achieve the same outcomes through organic growth – but it is all too easy to make expensive mistakes, and it can take years to recover from a botched deal.

The Merger Training Institute’s M&A skills training programmes are designed to deliver all the skills you will need to lead or support a successful and profitable acquisition programme and avoid the most common mistakes.



Why Is Mergers and Acquisitions Training Essential?

In most organisations detailed involvement in mergers and acquisitions is restricted to a relatively small pool of senior managers and professionals.  When a company or division is first tasked with growing by acquisition many of the executives involved will have touched on parts of the M&A process in past roles – usually involvement from a functional perspective in a due diligence team, or a post-merger integration.

This is a far cry from responsibility for the whole M&A process from start to finish.  M&A is a complex commercial and technical process, and it is essential to understand the full process if M&A is to become an important part of your job responsibilities.   Managers thrown into M&A without mergers and acquisition training find themselves in a confusing world of specialist terminology and unfamiliar new challenges:

  • How do we generate deals with the kind of companies we want to buy, rather than relying on targets brought to us by investments banks and brokers?
  • What is the strategic value? Can it be calculated or is it a commercial judgment?
  • How do deal makers decide on the multiples appropriate to a transaction? Multiples of what?
  • What is the difference between an asset sale and a share sale? What differences does it make?
  • How do we make sure pre-deal synergy targets are realistic AND delivered post-acquisition?

It is possible to learn M&A best practice and terminology on the job, but it is a steep learning curve, and mistakes are costly.  The Merger Training Institute’s suite of independently certified mergers and acquisitions training courses are designed to help managers short-circuit the learning process and quickly acquire the skills they need to lead or support M&A transactions.


Why Choose M&A Training from The Merger Training Institute?

The Merger Training Institute’s focus is delivering practical mergers and acquisitions training courses designed specifically for executives transitioning to an M&A role or adding M&A responsibilities to existing roles.

All our tutors have hands-on experience originating, valuing, structuring and delivering value from M&A transactions in corporate or private equity environments.

Since 2004 we have delivered high-quality mergers and acquisitions teaching at our public training courses in London, Dubai and Singapore and in-house to managers and professionals at some of the world’s largest corporations.


Mergers and Acquisition Training Courses by The Merger Training Institute

The Merger Training Institute offers the following professional M&A courses:


Core M&A Skills Programme (https://www.mergertraininginstitute.com/ma-training-course/)

A three-day programme that teaches all the commercial and technical skills you will need to confidently lead or support a successful M&A transaction.  Guided by our expert tutors you move through the M&A process from strategy and deal origination to valuation, due diligence, deal structuring, contract negotiation. and post-merger integration.


M&A Due Diligence Training Course (https://www.mergertraininginstitute.com/ma-due-diligence-training/)

A two-day programme that teaches a modern, focused approach to running an M&A due diligence process. Participants are given a solid grounding in the techniques used by some of the world’s most successful companies to assess risks, evaluate synergies and confirm the strategic fit of an M&A target.


Successful Post-Merger Integration Training Course (https://www.mergertraininginstitute.com/post-merger-integration-training/)

A two-day programme that teaches a proven, best practice approach to running a speedy but controlled post-merger integration that maximises synergies while minimising operational risk.  The course moves from the key decisions made in the pre-deal phase, through the critical first 100 days and on to full synergy delivery.


Advanced Business Valuation Training Course (https://www.mergertraininginstitute.com/business-valuation-training/)

A two-day programme that teaches participants how to prepare robust business valuations in the context of a corporate M&A transaction.  This course moves you past the stage of plugging numbers into a standard spreadsheet.  By examining real world cases you learn how risk, synergies and the quality of the target company might impact its value.


For more information about our professional mergers and acquisitions courses  call us on +44 (0)1604 432964 or email enquiries@mergertraininginstitute.com .


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