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Merger Training Courses: Our Mission

We started the Merger Training Institute in 2004 to fill a gap in the market for a practical acquisition and merger training course designed specifically for executives in global corporations. A course taught by trainers with hands-on experience originating and delivering transactions inside multinational companies.

Operating as senior corporate M&A executives we had found it difficult to find acquisition and merger training courses relevant to the corporate environment. There were courses aimed at professional advisors, and the major business schools offered strategy centred tuition by world class academics, but none of these courses were delivered by tutors with practical experience of developing and delivering deals.

There is just no substitute for the insight of a trainer that has held face to face negotiations with a seller over price and deal structure, has pitched a deal to a holding company board, run a global due diligence team or led a complex post-merger integration. From the start our clear mission has been to deliver high quality training taught by tutors with hands-on global mergers and acquisitions experience.

Developing Our Mergers and Acquisitions Training Programmes

In Autumn 2004 the Merger Training Institute launched its first course. The three day Core M&A Skills training course is still at the heart of our programme. It is aimed primarily at delegates with limited mergers and acquisitions experience. Typical delegates are subsidiary directors or managers tasked with growing their division by acquisition, or a new entrants to a global M&A departments. In three busy days the course equips delegates with the skills needed to originate and structure deals, value companies, run due diligence programmes and deliver post-integration synergies.

Prompted by our clients the entry level Core M&A Skills programme was quickly followed by expert level courses in M&A Due DiligenceBusiness Valuation and Post-Merger Integration. These courses are designed to enhance the skills of experienced M&A practitioners with one or more completed deals on their track record.

The Future

In our first fifteen years the Merger Training Institute has taught delegates from some of the world’s best known companies at our central London location. You can find a list of some our more high profile customers in the Our Clients section of this website.

In recent years we have also delivered customised in-house training programmes for clients across the world. This might be a one-off course to meet an immediate need, or a regularly scheduled event in the client’s management development programme.

In 2015, we launched the Core M&A Skills Programme in Singapore and Dubai to better meet the needs of the many delegates that travel to our London programmes from Asia and the Middle East.

In 2016, we started to offer some of our expert level courses in these locations.