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Mergers and Acquisitions Courses

We provide practical, in-career mergers and acquisitions training for executives in the flow of their careers within global corporations.

Our short, intense M&A courses are designed for executives needing to understand best M&A practice or adding new M&A responsibilities to their roles.

The courses are taught by tutors with hands-on M&A experience gained as part of corporate management teams. As well as being academically rigorous they are rich with case studies and real-world examples based on our tutor’s practical mergers and acquisitions experience.

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What Our Customers Say

This was just the overall perspective on Due Diligence that I was looking for. It will help me see the broader picture outside my HR expertise on future transactions.

- HR Director, Tate & Lyle

M&A Core Skills Programme

A three day programme teaching all the skills necessary to execute successful M&A transactions in a corporate environment.

Delegates learn how to align M&A with strategy, find and structure deals, value businesses and deals, run due diligence programmes and secure value through effective post-merger integration.

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M&A Due Diligence Training Course

A two day course teaching a modern approach to due diligence that integrates commercial and financial analysis to minimise risk.

Delegates learn how to identify risks, confirm strategic value, run a controlled and cost effective due diligence process, and collect information for post-merger integration.

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Business Valuation Training Course

A two day course teaching the main methods used to value companies and how to apply them to M&A transactions.

Delegates learn how to use the different valuation techniques to cross check value, calculate a strategic deal value and understand the perspectives of different players in a competitive process.

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Post-Merger Integration Training Course

A two day course teaching the fundamentals of successful post-merger integration in a corporate environment.

Delegates learn how to run speedy but controlled integration projects that prioritize synergies, minimize disruption to business operations and reduce the potential for cultural conflict.

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