Any of our public mergers and acquisitions (M&A) courses can be offered as in-house course on a date and at a location of your choosing. Running a course as an in-house M&A programme has a number of advantages for an employer:

If several employees are to be trained travel and accommodation costs can be minimised.


Training location expenses can be discounted from the fee if the training takes place at your own facilities.

Learning modules from any of our public courses can easily be mixed and matched to create a course tailored to your organisation’s specific training needs.

Extra time can be spent on issues of particular importance to your organisation.

Emphasis can be placed on themes in the training material that are of particular relevance to your industry.

Bespoke material based on specific industry issues, or even a particular scenario relevant to your company, can be developed.

A large numbers of delegates is not a prerequisite for running an in-house course. We often run a course for a single delegate when a company has an urgent or time-sensitive requirement.

In-house Courses



If large numbers of delegates are to be trained, or it is envisioned that there will be a continuing need to provide training for new entrants, it may practical and cost effective to develop bespoke material focused on your industry. A couple of examples from our client base illustrate the situations where this might be relevant:

Thomson Reuters

Electronic publishing giant Thomson Reuters have a 20 strong EMEA sales team selling an M&A focused proprietary information system to large corporates. They asked The Merger Training Institute to develop a course showing how a Thomson Reuters client would use the features of the system at different stages of an M&A transaction. We developed a 2 day course on this theme, plus a half day refresher 3 months later. A film was made of the course to be used as a training aid for all new entrants.

Smith & Nephew

Medical devices multinational Smith & nephew are involved in M&A activity across their global operations. Like many large corporations executives with M&A experience are unevenly distributed across their various operating divisions and territories. They recognised a need for a global operating methodology for M&A to ensure all projects are executed to the same professional standard. We ran a 3 day course for 15 directors and senior managers from across their global operation. All the delegates had extensive M&A experience. The course revolved around an extended case study. The output from the course has been turned into an operating procedure used for all the corporation’s M&A transactions.

In-house Courses


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